Miniaturised systems for

quantum technology



Aquark Technologies is a spin-out of the University Southampton that provides portability and miniaturisation solutions for quantum technology applications. We benefit from more than a decade of research dedicated to building the worlds smallest cold atom system, and following recent pre-seed investment, we have established our state of the art facility in Southampton, UK, dedicated to delivering our mission.



To bring next generation quantum technology out of the laboratory and into the real world for the benefit of humanity.


Aquark believes in developing technology for the betterment of the human condition. Our vision is to be the central world wide provider of a compact cold atom core that will enable the next generation of quantum sensing and computing.

Machinery in a Physics Lab

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Aquark is happy to announce that following a successful ignition round, funding to establish our MVP has been obtained. In the coming months we will relentlessly pursue our goal of making the world's most compact cold atom trap capable of operating at low power, and is robust enough to leave the confines of the laboratory environment. 

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